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Greenfield Students Share Strong Voice

Greenfield Students Share Strong Voice

by Daniel Potts -
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Student leaders at Greenfield Community College have been working together alongside professional artists and facilitators to help make a positive difference to learning within their school.

Their hard work and strong voice has culminated in an inspiring film using humour and positive messages to encourage ambition and aspiration.  This week the film has been  shared across the whole school as part of a programme of assemblies highlighting the importance of creative learning and school development.

Student Leaders are prompting big questions to help make a difference, working alongside film-maker Laura Degnan and our former Creative Director Katy Milne they have put together a framework for the future building upon their work on the current Student Learning Journal and collaboration with teaching staff.

The group have grown in confidence and were able to share their experience and knowledge with their peers and are looking forward to sharing their new student leaders’ manifesto using their new name of choice ‘Youth Evolution’.

When asked about their contribution and what they would like to achieve one student leader summed it up with clarity, “I want to see a positive embrace of our efforts within school in order to encourage students to reach their artistic and creative potential in learning”.

Youth Evolution are looking forward to noticing the impact and being part of the recruitment of new student leaders to carry on their campaign.  We look forward to seeing their hard work and aspirations create positive impact across the school.

Greenfield Arts and Greenfield Community College are collaborating to ensure students are able to work together to realise an outstanding learning experience.  If you would like further information visit or contact the school by emailing or by calling 01325 300378.