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    Room 13

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      This is the area on Moodle for students to find out more about Room 13!

      We will be updating this area soon with lots more information and opportunities for you to take part.

      • Opportunities to use Room 13

        Over the coming months we hope that all Greenfield students will have the opportunity to use Room 13 during lessons, but in the meantime we have arranged some time when you can drop in and use the space for research or homework.

        Tuesdays, from 3:15pm - 4pm, starting Tuesday 22nd April!

        • Equipped for Life

          Equipped for Life is a GAMP AAP funded project giving you the opportunity to learn more about careers in the creative industry and enterprise!

          The project took place in February 2014 but we hope to have more ways for you to get involved in the future!