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      Mathsplosion - July 2013

      Last month, 8 of our most able mathematicians, accompanied by Mrs Browbank, spent a day at the Life Centre in Newcastle at the Mathsplosion Event.  The event was organised by the Further Maths For Schools Project.  Our pupils worked in groups with pupils from as far afield as Haydon Bridge, Middlesbrough and Tynemouth.  They spent time in the Planetarium, challenged themselves with puzzles and activities and learnt how to do some amazing card tricks.  They also had to put their knowledge of Trigonometry and Pythagoras Theorem to good use working out the length of helices.

      Two other pupils, Megan Cross and Harry Heaton spent 2 days at Conyers School in Yarm working on advanced maths problems.  They found it challenging but enjoyed the experience.

      All of the pupils enjoyed their experiences and were a credit to the Maths Department and Greenfield.